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Things You Should Decide Upon When You Prepare the Petition for Simplified Dissolution

1. You must agree to one of these two (2) choices about the dividing of your marital assets and liabilities: (Dividing your marital assets and liabilities is called "equitable distribution" )

A. If you have one marital assets and debts to divide you can do so in a written and signed document (Marital Settlement Agreement), OR

B. Your settlement agreement can be oral/verbal (not written or signed) and not revealed in court because you want to keep your agreement "private".

(There is a place on the Simplified Petition for Simplified Dissolution.)

2. The wife can request the Court restore her "former" name. (There is a place on the Simplified Petition where she can request the name change. See, Paragraph 8 on the Petition for Simplified Dissolution.) If she wants her "former" name restored she must provide the FULL NAME she wants restored.

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